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What we calculate

9 Factors That Go Into A Reputation Score

Your brand receives multiple sources of feedback across a broad and ever-expanding ecosystem of data sources. goes beyond market cap and PR mentions to analyze every aspect of your company’s online presence, from star ratings to review spread and volume to your visibility in search results. Unlike net promoter score (NPS), Reputation Score takes into account all factors affecting your reputation for a 360-degree view of your brand’s performance.

The 9 Factors of a Reputation Score
The 9 Factors of a Reputation Score:

Star Average
Review Volume, Spread, Recency, Length, Response Business Listing Accuracy
Impressions on Search and Social

Why you should care

The Business Impact Of
Your Reputation Score

A higher Reputation Score points to a healthy brand, which means you are trustworthy and provide stellar customer experience. A lower Reputation Score? Effective online reputation management helps multi-location organizations generate more business and reduce operating costs. The actions and effort that go into boosting your Reputation Score ultimately helps deliver better customer service and drives revenue. A big-three automaker increased dealership revenue by over $100 million per year

Your Reputation Score
Did you know?

Over three-fourths of new and used car buyers
conduct a search online before buying a car.
Auto dealers and OEM brands absolutely must
manage their google presence.

2020 auto report

Dealerships that manage and improve their
Reputation Score see increases in customer engagement and sales

Over the past several years, the automotive industry has made a real effort to manage online customer sentiment, and it has had a real impact. Our research shows that when they listen to and act on online consumer feedback, they are rewarded with more reviews, better online sentiment and more engagement. This data is the foundation of the Reputation Score and has a direct link to revenue. is the trusted solution for automotive OEMs, dealer groups and dealerships that understand the importance and value of CX and online reputation management. That’s why over one-third of automotive dealers in the U.S. use

Of Buyers Research
Online Before Purchase
Of That Research Happens
On A Mobile Device
Increase In Average Sales Volume
With A High Reputation Score

Customer experience

Customers now have higher expectations and
we help dealerships respond – and thrive

In the Feedback Economy, customer experience (CX) is the sum total of every interaction your customers and prospects have with your brand, at every touchpoint along the new customer journey.

Using technology and machine learning, we can now uncover actionable insights from unstructured, unsolicited feedback — “data in the wild” — on social media and review sites. This data holds the key to truly understanding your customers and improving their experience with your brand.

By tuning into and taking action on data in the wild, you can put in motion a virtuous cycle of CX improvement, leading to the generation of more and better reviews, higher ratings and rankings, and the ability to attract and convert new business.

Healthcare Reputation Scores
Did you know?

More than 8 out of 10 consumers will spend a
larger amount on a product if it means having
a great customer experience.


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Experience. Scale. Industry leadership. invented the online reputation management category. We continue to lead the charge with the only proven, unified CX and online reputation management platform, and innovative, customer-driven solutions. Our patented algorithms behind Reputation Score are based on more than a decade of deep machine-learning and data science expertise, providing businesses with a reliable index of brand performance that they can use to make targeted CX improvements — and increase their ability to get found, chosen and better.

Seamlessly Integrated Reputation and CX Management is the only integrated CX and online reputation management platform. With, each module is built to work seamlessly with the others — no expensive APIs or updates needed.

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Tight integration between all aspects of online reputation management — listings, reviews, social media, surveys, insights and more — reduces that risk of system failures and data loss, giving you better control over your data.

One Vendor, Fewer Headaches delivers all the ORM and CX capabilities you need in one platform, eliminating complexity, streamlining administration and reducing cost.

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